We are starting 2024 POY with a 10 WEEK Knock-out season. All of the same rules and points below in addition to some additional point mods. Each hit is an additonal 20 points, but each rebuy is a negative 25 points. Good Luck


We will use YOUR TOP 20 games played, so only your top games will count Six players will be invited, and all 6 will win something.

Below is the formula used to calculate the points for POY for playing. 2024 POY is going to be heavy on points for 1st place and 2nd place. It will effect your point total considerably to finish in the top 2 spots
(SQRT(n+tnr)/(1+r))*50 + switch(r,1,300,2,180,3,80,4,50,5,30,6,20)

n= number of players

tnr = total number of rebuys
r= rank finished
switch = adding additional points for top 6 players on top of the points for playing.
300 for 1st
180 for 2nd
80 for 3rd
50 for 4th
30 for 5th
20 for 6th

Special season points do not count towards the overall POY point race, only the formula above will be used to calculate your 2024 POY points, during special season, the POY points in addition to the special points will be used to determine the season winner, and your POY points will be added to your total for the free roll.

There will be a free roll the first of December 2024. Whatever is in the POY 2024 Pot will be the prize pool. The top 6 finishers rated by their top 20 games will have a 5 min blind free roll and all 6 places will win a prize. Prizes will be determined at a later date. The starting chip stacks for the free roll will be based on how the top 6 players finish in the POY points race.

1st place – 6000

2nd place – 5000

3rd place – 4000

4th place – 3000

5th place – 2000

6th place – 1000

Below is an example of the points that will be earned or lost during the knock out season, this is just a single game example. You can add your FINISH POINTS and HIT POINTS and DEDUCT YOUR REBUY POINTS HIT to get your TOTAL SCORE. Your FINISH POINTS are what will count towards your 2024 POY POINTS. The TOTAL SCORE is only for the KNOCK OUT SEASON.